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For the best odds in catching your targeted species, few offerings can top live bait. The same holds true when fishing Biscayne Bay.

There are several popular types of live bait we use depending on the species we are targeting and the time of year.


Shrimp is an all around great bait of choice as everything from trout to tarpon feed on them. There are primarily two ways in which to hook a shrimp, one is through the head and the other is to hook them from the tail. When allowing shrimp to drift in the current and when wanting the shrimp to look natural as it stays in the current, hooking them through the head is the method of choice. However, when targeting bottom feeders such as bonefish, hooking them through the tail with the tail fan pinched off is the preferred method.


Crabs are great baits for permit, bonefish and tarpon in Biscayne Bay and when fishing the flats no angler should leave the dock without a few live crabs in the live well. Without exception, when sight fishing for permit or tarpon, crabs are hooked through the side of the shell allowing them to dive for the bottom naturally after your present them to your target species. I use smaller crabs for bonefish about the size of quarter, half dollar size for permit and the bigger crabs about 3” across for tarpon.


Few baits get more attention from a variety of predators on the Biscayne Bay flats than pilchards. Whether chasing snook, tarpon, trout, snapper, grouper, mackerel and more, the pilchard reigns supreme as the white bait of choice.


Beginning in early fall, the mullet run takes center stage in Miami’s Biscayne Bay and all manner of gamefish gorge themselves on these baits. Many times huge tarpon can be seen crushing schools of mullet in the early morning off the beaches and deep water cuts. It truly is a sight to behold seeing 80-100lb tarpon go airborne as they feed on the panicked mullet schools. Usually all it takes to get in the game is to toss a live mullet close to the edge of the mullet schools and hold on for the fight of your life!

Capt. Mo specializes in light tackle fishing in Biscayne Bay and has the quality spinning, plug, conventional and fly tackle you need to make your day on the water a success.  Call him today and let’s put our gear to the test!

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