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PermitCapt. Mo specializes in sight fishing for permit on Miami’s bountiful flats and has a keen ability to locate them throughout Biscayne Bay. He has been featured on the World Fishing Network discussing the challenges of permit fishing and how to succeed catching permit on the flats.

So give Capt. Mo a call today and let him guide you to the permit of your dreams.

Permit are found only in the western Atlantic where they occur from Massachusetts to southern Brazil, throughout the West Indies, and in Bermuda.  

They inhabit the waters in northern and central Florida during the warmer months and the waters in south Florida year-round. Juveniles occur in the waters near sandy beaches where they prey on bottom life such as worms, crabs and shrimp and grow rapidly until reaching age 5; then growth slows considerably. 

Permit are undoubtedly the pinnacle of shallow water sight fishing. 

With exceptional eyesight, broad bodies and wide forked tails, once hooked the permit makes long, fast, powerful runs testing tackle to its limits.  Although very difficult to spot on the flats, permit are very sensitive to angler movement and boat noise making the chase for them all the more challenging, sometimes frustrating even the best angler.  While permit inhabit warm tropical waters worldwide, in Miami they range the entire length of Biscayne Bay from roughly the Port of Miami to the northern end of Key Largo. 

Biscayne Bay permit range in size from 5lbs to trophies exceeding 35lbs with the average fish weighing between 12-20lbs.  These big powerful fish are found on both sides of Biscayne Bay, the western shoreline (mainland shoreline) and the Oceanside flats, both sides of the bay produce plenty of big fish.  Several factors need to be present in order for permit fishing to be productive, strong currents, healthy grass beds and warm water temperatures are all a must.  In this environment, permit move across the flats and along channel edges using the strong tidal currents to feed on crabs swimming with the tide or on shrimp and crabs moving along the bottom.  With crystal clear waters, strong currents and year ‘roud warm water temperatures, Miami’s Biscayne Bay offers a great permit fishery to anglers up for the challenge. 

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