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The Mackerel

Mackerel are a fall and winter species and always a Miami inshore fishing charter favorite. If you want to have a great time fishing for less technical fish species that both adults and kids truly enjoy, Capt. Mo has the experience and personality to make your day on the water a fun and productive one while on one of his Miami fishing charters. However, make no mistake these fish will eat a fly if you want to do some Miami fly fishing.  mackerel

While cero mackerels are year ‘round residents of Biscayne Bay residing in the deeper sections of the bay and Hawks Channel, spanish mackerel are migratory relatives that make their appearance in the fall and winter.

Spanish mackerel is a species that inhabits coastal waters of the western Atlantic Ocean from the Gulf of Maine to Yucatan, Mexico. Depending on water temperature, Spanish mackerel migrate seasonally along the coastline.

In the eastern gulf, these fish move northward during late winter and spring, appearing off the central west coast of Florida about April 1. Movement continues westward and terminates along the northern gulf coast. During fall, Spanish mackerel migrate back southward to the wintering grounds in south Florida waters after spawning occurs from May through August.

It is during this migration that anglers enjoy fast and furious action using various techniques and fishing tackle including fly tackle.

The mackerel is an aggressive fish that usually eats live bait and artificial lures equally well and is good table fare. Since they travel in schools, once a mackerel is caught, many more are sure to follow sometimes fighting each other over the angler’s offering. Although aggressive feeders, their good eyesight and numerous razor sharp teeth forces the angler to strike a delicate balance protection from the teeth and a naturally presented bait that won’t put the fish on alert. The standard method of catching mackerel is to use a short trace of light wire leader or long shank hooks as protection from their sharp teeth.

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