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Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is the ultimate saltwater angling challenge requiring very specialized tackle and good angler/guide teamwork. Biscayne Bay offers great fly fishing opportunities year ‘round for a number of coveted saltwater species making it a great place for a Miami fly fishing charter.  

Call Capt. Mo today and dust off your fly tackle or use Capt. Mo’s quality fly fishing gear, either way you will have a great time on the water. 

Fly FishingFly fishing in Biscayne Bay can take many forms but the most common Miami fly fishing charter is for bonefish, permit and tarpon and for these elite species, a good Miami fly fishing guide is essential.

For most of the fishing Miami fly fishing charters in Biscayne Bay, a 9wt will suffice in order to cut through the wind that is typically in the afternoons and in the cooler months.  For larger fish such as fly fishing for tarpon a 10-12wt will fit the bill just right with the 12wt reserved for the larger fish during the tarpon migration in spring and early summer where they can reach upwards of 100lbs.  For large permit, a 10wt will have the muscle to turn these big wide bodied fish in the current and towards the boat. 

Flies are typically large and weighted requiring a heavier weight line and rod in order to throw properly.  Floating line will get 95% of the use while fishing for most of the species but there are times when we fish for mutton snappers or mackerel and an intermediate line will prove more successful.  Leaders with intermediate fly lines are typically short (about 4’-6’), non-tapered and made of fluorocarbon in order to protect from abrasion and sink quicker.  Leaders for most other types of fishing in Biscayne Bay consist of 12’-14’ tapered leaders made of soft monofilament ending in a fluorocarbon class tippet and bit tippet if needed. 

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