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Biscayne Bay holds a healthy population of sharks and Capt. Mo sight fishes for them on the flats on light tackle while on his Miami flats fishing charters. Strong and fast, the larger sharks can quickly make short work of inferior tackle, leaving the angler gasping for breath. The largest of our species is the bull shark that can reach over 400 pounds, an angling feat while enjoying a Miami flats fishing charter. Call Capt. Mo today and let him show you what these big boys of the flats are all about. 

The shark is one of the few fish that illicit a unique reaction by fishermen and beachgoers alike. shark

Although most sharks are harmless, a few species have been known to attack humans along the coast world wide.

In Biscayne Bay we have bonnet head, lemon, spinner, bull, black tip, and nurse sharks. Bonnet head sharks are small sharks averaging 4-7lbs usually encountered while bottom fishing or while poling the flats.

The larger shark species such as the black tip, lemon and lemon sharks enter Biscayne Bay in larger numbers where they will patrol the flats looking for bonefish, permit, snappers and others in which to feed upon. In this environment they become sporty targets for anglers wanting to tussle with a foe with no quit and fast powerful runs. The nurse shark is primarily a bottom feeder and not a good target for sportfishing due to its slow and lethargic nature. The spinner shark on the other hand offers a great contrast to the nurse shark. Once hooked, the spinner shark will jump out of the water like a tarpon, spinning the whole time causing the line to tangle on its body and breaking it with either its rough skin or shear force of its landing.

Miami Shark Fishing CharterAlthough some sharks are good table fare, a careful release of sharks caught is the most common end to a fight with one of these exciting and fearsome swimmers. A Miami shark fishing charter with Capt. Mo takes place on the flats in about 3’ of clear water and is a great way to target big game on light tackle.  What to expect during a Miami shark fishing charter?  How about seeing a 6 foot shark swimming up to the boat, taking the bait and running over 100 yards non-stop at a blistering pace? 

Check out this video and see what shark fishing Miami is all about! 

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