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Sight Fishing

Capt. Mo specializes in Miami flats fishing charters light tackle sight fishing the flats of Miami’s Biscayne Bay for some of the world’s most challenging fish. This requires a Miami fishing captain that has knowledge, experience and patience as these fish provide very little room for error.  

Call Capt. Mo today and see what sight fishing the flats is all about. 

Sight FishingMuch of the fishing in Biscayne Bay while on a Miami inshore fishing charter consists of sight casting fish in shallow water.  

This is a very personal and exciting type of fishing since we are hunting for fish, spotting them, getting the boat and angler into position and then making an accurate cast to the fish. 

Most of the sigh casting is done in water from 12” to 6’ in depth when flats fishing Miami. In the very shallow water we will see the fish move about and disturb the water as their bodies are barely covered by water.

When they feed in the very shallow water their tails will stick out of the water as they try to root out the morsel they have found and these are what we call “tailing fish”. As the water level deepens a bit into the 3’-6’ range, the sight fishing moves away from tailing fish into “mudding” fish. Mudding fish are fish that are in water too shallow to expose their tails as they feed but are feeding none-the-less. As they feed they burry burring their snouts into the bottom and shoot jets of water in an attempt to dislodge their food from the bottom. As they do this they stir up the bottom sediment and create a small area of muddy water called a “mud”. These are great opportunities to have these fish eat your bait or fly. When on a sight fishing charter in Miami, the angler and guide always want to be looking into the water as the sunlight allows in order to spot the moving and feeding fish. By looking only at the surface of the water, most of the opportunities will be missed. One of the few times where looking only at the surface of the water is productive is when the visibility is poor and the water is both calm and shallow but don’t worry as a good Miami flats fishing guide will point this out.

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